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Everybody knows to be in the process that grow, the body hair inside our body grows because of always according to heredity, if our body hair is more exuberant, we can discover alar still have a hair, vibrissa is longer, our vibrissa is to grow commonly slower, and most metropolis is inside nostril, outside rarely vibrissa chairman of the person gives nostril, so what reason is vibrissa grows quickly cause?

Vibrissa grows very quickly what reason

It is very fast that vibrissa itself grows, this kind lets him without any method it grows slow. Can discover when growing, OK and direct capture is dropped only. Want to notice sanitation is OK only at ordinary times. Because if do not have vibrissa, nose mucous membrane is easyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Cause a bacterium.

OK and time cut. Vibrissa length compares nostril eye commonly a bit some shorter, but cannot pass short, the action of vibrissa prevents the bacterium such as dirt to invade the body through nostril, it is to arrive natural protective screen

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System growth, the reason that wool bursa grows. Stimulate nasal cavity not always at ordinary times. Can subtract with scissors long vibrissa, special perhaps vibrissa implement decrease.

Vibrissa grows very quickly what reason

Vibrissa is cannot stop to grow or defer grows, but you can use professional tool. Often arrange cut short, this is possible.

One vibrissa is a protection is chaired, it can filter the dust in air, protect our inspiratory airy effectively. So you can be cut short, but do not go pulling it, and if be pulled word, bleed very easily.

Vibrissa grows very quickly what reason

Vibrissa is having the effect of filtration cleanness to induction air, if pull out vibrissa, it is the defense nose removes automatically undoubtedly, its are bacterium, harmful dust as a result enter next respiratory tract directly, cause the infection of next respiratory tract. In addition, pull out after vibrissa, wool bursa is damaged, the bacterium seizes the opportunity to invade, can cause nose furuncle to happen.

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Nostril of person dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed or unplug vibrissa, because have inside bazoo,be dryShanghai noble baby

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, be caused by of urticant feeling of burn or Sao. Although say from the truth, everybody knows this is a kind of undesirable habit, but be in imperceptible in, cannot help can having this kind of action again, accordingly1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, unwell response is timely inside the bazoo that causes to all sorts of nose disease processing. If reduce nasal cavityNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The stimulation of secretion, treat the bazoo of; of the primary affection such as chronic rhinitis, dry sex rhinitis actively in order to prevent nose vestibule phlogistic; inside dry or scratchy when, should drip with diminish inflammation, stop urticant and the medical liquid that has cool and refreshing feeling, right amount take support oneself all alone A, B, C.

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