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Dot is existence has traitorous period of this phase, and go against turn over period by small have 3 level to large presence, part corresponding different age paragraph, dot is in be in traitorous period when always be meeting and parent to dry, the parent lets child westerly go the child must be gone to east go, anywaySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Want to quarrel each other with the parent namely. Those who face a child is traitorous period need parents can be paid attention to all the more, the child introduces to go against in detail below instead period in how many years old between.

Is the child gone against instead period in how many years old between?

The expert points out, the person has 3 traitorous period, the rebel behavior that appears when two years old is life the first traitorous period expression, say ” darling is traitorous period ” ; is controlled 7 years old, come to the 2nd to life traitorous period, call ” children is traitorous period ” ; is in 12-18 year old, it is life the 3rd traitorous period, this is everybody is the commonnest and hep ” green and traitorous period ” . Those who differ is traitorous period, have characteristic of development of physiology of different individual character development, psychology, the method that parents answers also should differ.

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Person, and often severe and ruthless. They resembled be being taught easily in that way before no longer, quite one part child is entered traitorous period seem not to comply with later the parent’s education. If we cannot use the eye of development treat the child quite, do not respect the child, do not make allowances for the child’s mood, so that once consist in the ligament between we and child ruptures very easily. If we are again right this not care a nut, so circumstance may form smoke into smother, cannot redeem even. Enter when the child traitorous period later, parents again also cannot stiffly models the child according to his mode, because this meeting causes the child’s revolt. Traitorous period the child hopes we put them be in and adult is equal the problem is treated in light of the position. What they expect to be able to participate in us is decision-making in come, and hope oneself thing him the reason decide. If we do not want to be abandoned by the child, we must alternate ceaselessly oneself part, cannot indulge the child blindly, cannot censure the child blindly more, should stand on the position that understands the child however, serious ground meditates oneself educational means. Only such, ability maintains harmonious parentage, improve the parentage of run down, this also is us to the child grow the practice that bear the blame. Obstinate parent is not to teach piece outstandingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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of the child.

Is the child gone against instead period in how many years old between?

How are 2 parents taught traitorous period the child

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1, Encourage, accredit to this age paragraph for the child, it is reticent support.

Small make up recommend: Traitorous period have what show

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2, This phase, the parent cannot reuse is beaten and scold, the means of humiliate will teach the child, the parent also should continue to become a friend with the child, search the collective topic with the child actively, go in the world that blends in the child. The parent also can try to communicate each other problem together with the child, let the child know his inner think of a way, try to help oneself give counsel thereby, this can make the child thinks parents also can depend on him, comply with the child ” the adult is changed ” the thought develops.

Chat equally with the child, understanding child communicates means dissatisfaction to what, discuss new communication way together. Still understand the reason that the child does not wish to communicate, also let the child know his true think of a way, avoid misunderstanding to let contradiction upgrade.

Is the child gone against instead period in how many years old between?

3, Different child, traitorous period expression also is apparently different: To traitorous period the student with the bad result that the child is a car commonly is in the majority, the student with poor grade often is in more easily traitorous period level the issue that makes a few insanity, and those children that had learned often won’t be shown too of exceed what is proper traitorous.

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