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Newlywed can go to a hospital be being checked the following day after first time of the same branch of a family, whether is the purpose pregnant to probe a female namely, this is a few things that a lot of husband and wife that want the child pay close attention to very much, however not little person still has been done not have enough bound of 2 the world does not hope so fast wanting the child, the odds that its are pregnant to of the same branch of a family is how many meeting is paid attention to exceedingly, so how much is the odds that of the same branch of a family is pregnant? Detailed introduction comes below.

The odds that is pregnant

Is the odds that can of the same branch of a family be pregnant big?

1, the odds that of the same branch of a family is pregnant should look to whether be pregnant whether is the time that should see your of the same branch of a family to be in the time of oviposit period, (Oviposit often is in the) of 13-16 day of menstrual cycle, if be the word during this, have pregnant possibility so.

2, spermatozoon and ovum union call conception or be fertilized. Conception process is: When sexual intercourse, inside the vagina that the man discharges seminal fluid the woman, spermatozoon relies on a rear to place tendercy uterus cruise, next reentrance is tubal. Several spermatozoon are contained in the seminal fluid that the male shoots every time, but great part spermatozoon has vaginal acidity to energy is lost in the environment or die, only few number spermatozoon can overcome heavy resistance to arrive at oviduct.

3, spermatozoon arrives at tubal time from the vagina, count the most quickly only minute, need 1-1.5 hour commonly. Arrive at these tubal spermatozoon, conception ability is lost after 3 days. The woman is in Yo age, ovarian the ovum that every months of eduction matures, be captured by tubal umbrella after ovum eduction and enter oviduct.

The odds that is pregnant

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When be pregnant the most easily?

1, after oviposit day and oviposit are mixed before 7 days 2 days in all inside 10 days possible be fertilized, this 1Shanghai Long Feng forum

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0 days of females are the period that becomes pregnant the most easily. Although count,this is the spermatozoon that shoots every time because of the man with 100 million plan, but it is at 48 hours the left and right sides dies inside the vagina mostly absolutely, only a few can continue to survive inside palace neck canal be as long as 5-7 day, and after ovum eduction, be fertilized time limit is only 6-24 hour.

2, normally every month comes to Yo age female menstruation, come from this second menstruation tide begins next time menstruation comes wet the first day, call cycle of a menstruation. Oviposit date of the female is in commonly next time menstruation comes before tide 14 days or so. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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For insurance for the purpose of, after we mix before 5 days of oviposit day 4 days, day of along with oviposit weighs oviposit period 10 days in all inside.

3, after spermatozoon enters female reproduction to, lifetime is 1 ~ 3 days, optimal conception time: Oviposit arrives 24 hours 48 hours.

The odds that is pregnant

A few contraceptive means:

1, safe period use contraceptive

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Via the female of periodic rule, the way that may choose to use safety period to use contraceptive will use contraceptive, although this kind of contraceptive method also can achieve corresponding contraceptive result, but basically be to be aimed at those menstrual weekShanghai noble baby

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Period regular female is inside safety period the body won’t undertake oviposit, even if is spermatozoon enters a woman there also is the opportunity that encounters with ovum later inside body.

2, install complete set to use contraceptive

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The means that complete set uses contraceptive, because of this kind contraceptive method goes to the lavatory not only, and safe and effective. Besides, use this kind of contraceptive method to return the alternate infection that can restrain bacterium and virus effectively on certain level, bilateral to the men and women healthy it is very advantageous, but when using this kind of contraceptive means, must choose those quality to assuring safety is covered, never anxious to get things on the cheap buys a few inferior condom, be opposite very easily of the female healthy cause an effect, still do not have corresponding contraceptive effect.

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