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Inside the definition of most person, enuresis basically can happen on 3 years old of a lot of the following darling bodies, because dot is incontrollable oneself, can appear in the evening so enuresis, boy of 8 years old can become independent already completely, occurrence enuresis can let a person feel particularly pained, actually dot occurrence enuresis also is not intended certainly, very much likely certain reason is caused, the parent does not give the child too great psychology pressure, need understands a reason.

 Enuresis of 8 years old of boys

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Hereditarily element

Nocturnal enuresis is in normally familial in dominance is genetic, if parents ever was nocturnal enuresis patient, their child has 3/4 machine to lead enuresis. If parental one party has patient of Ceng Wei enuresis, their child has the machine of 1/2 to lead sicken.

Disease element

Pinworm disease (the bug body stimulation to urethral mouth) , disease of uric road infection, kidney suffers from, local inflammation, rachis splits urethral mouth, obstacle of function of nerve of ministry of spinal cord injury, Di, insaneShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Epilepsy, cerebra is depauperate, cystic volume is too minor etc, but the enuresis that causes due to illness holds very small proportion only. Element of the enuresis of great majority child and mental element, wholesome habit, environment about.

 Enuresis of 8 years old of boys

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Morpheus is very deep, cannot awake in time micturition

Partial little patient was not trained by micturition, if use napkin for a long time, parents is nightly do not wake up the child, hold the child in the arms to go toilet piddle, even some of parents helps their micturition when the child lies in the Morpheus on the bed, create the convention of the micturition in child Morpheus. For a long time, incidental nightly enuresis.

The stunt of nightly control ability of bladder

Nocturnal enuresis patient follows the growth of the age, the symptom is improved somewhat probably, stop enuresis, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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But the time that quits nocturnal enuresis to may need a few years, after the person that has 1% even enters adolescence, still continue enuresis.

Environmental elementFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Change climate of new environment; suddenly to change to wait like chill. In addition, before the child falls asleep, water the fruit; father and mother that overmuch; had the water content such as watermelon to have diuresis effect again more is between child midnight have do not have when meaning wait for make water in time to be able to cause child enuresis.

 Enuresis of 8 years old of boys
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Cannot produce ADH of enough hormone of control make water

Additional, the nocturnal enuresis child that still has 20-30% is in Morpheus, the body cannot produce ADH of enough hormone of control make water, controlling uric hormone is the hormone that one kind arises by human body nature and can reduce uric fluid to measure.

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