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Common saying says 10 male 9 naevus, 10 female 10 naevus, must have treatment in time after getting haemorrhoid so, because external piles wants to be treated than other haemorrhoid,rise more convenient, want to note only1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Meaning not catch a cold, do not eat hot, everyday on time Tu Yao, time accomplishment can cure thoroughly, the medicaments that can treat external piles has a lot of, but great majority is daub, so which does the medicaments of the haemorrhoid outside cure haveLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The medicaments of external piles

External piles can divide external piles of the go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that it is a skin, varicosity sex external piles and thrombus external piles according to course of diseases and clinical symptom 3 kinds big. Generally speaking, if the patient does not have clinical symptom, if local occurrence strut, aching, Sao is urticant,can not do special processing; when waiting for a symptom, should use medication, include Ma Yinglong haemorrhoid to creamLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, haemorrhoid bolt substandard uses drug, also can use Chinese traditional medicine hip bath. Specific be united in wedlock please with medicine clinical, with doctor face examine guidance is accurate.

External piles because it1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Outside anus, the milk-like liquid that can use a few external application so creams, our for instance most traditional the most classical Ma Yinglong haemorrhoid creams, it is exceedingly good to be used, because of it inside some borneol, muskiness, these compare cool remedy, can let feel so very of chilly, and stop pain effect is first-rate, still have additionally a few otherer the ointment of external use, e.g. subsidence of a swelling, still have golden cream, still ichthamnol creams, of these detumescence can use, according to different situation, because of the haemorrhoid of thrombus naevus and oedema, this kind of ache is heavier, with these a few ointment, still alleviate semiotic effect, first-rate still.

The medicaments of external piles

External piles is located in under tooth trace, it is by music of clump of the vein outside naevus predestined relationship of Zhang Huo anus knits hyperplasia of agnail of skin foldsing in a garment, corpulent, connective tissue or thrombus Yu sluggish and the bump that form. External piles surface is built with the skin, can see, cannot send anus inside, bleed not easily, it is main symptom with ache and the eyewinker feels. Clinical constant centForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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For external piles of connective tissue external piles, varicosity sex external piles, phlogistic sex and thrombus external piles.

What does commonly used external piles medicine have?

Medicine of profess to convinced treats: Therapeutics of to be taken orally is to point to the method that uses oral medicine content to treat haemorrhoid. Remedial haemorrhoid can use the professional remedy of a few this respects, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes an organic conception of the human body to the cure of haemorrhoid, differentiate card is talked treat, on the base that considers by processing in differentiate card namely, be aimed at different pathogeny, pathology, disease, different constitution, age, have different treatment. Basis of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine haemorrhoidShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Evil of fire of dry of wind of damp and hot hurts pulsatile blood, as a result enrages hematic gloomy sluggish, written guarantee and what agglomerate interpretation of the cause uses dehumidify of cool blood of have diarrhoea fire, clear hot moisten the respiratory tract, dispel the wind, beneficial to enrage the solid that raise blood to take off is specific treat criterion. Have a lot of home remedy that treat haemorrhoid, proved recipe, have very good curative effect,

The medicaments of external piles

Thrombus sex external piles is treated

Thrombus sex external piles is clinical frequently-occurring disease, on cure, often come off with operation excision or operation incision blood is given priority to at present, patient anguish is greater. But with cure of law of lukewarm brine hip bath this disease can obtain surprise effect, can make the patient of 95% above relieves the pain that suffers an operation, introduce this standard as follows now.

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