[the palm appears suddenly posse gore] – of what reason of _ of _ hand ministry

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In summer when as a result of the reason with torrid weather, the dress that most person wears is thinner, if appear a few knock against, silt blueness stays very easily on the skin, especially our leg ministry is the easiest of occurrence silt blueness, a few patients can discover to posse silt blueness may appear suddenly on his palm, these silt blueness can make we feel ache, may hurt bone even, so does the palm appear suddenly is posse Yu blood how to return a responsibility?

The palm appears suddenly posse gore

Gore is to be in moreForum of Shanghai night net

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Below outside force action, make burst of hypodermic blood capillary bleeds be caused by. Send from the ooze outside blood capillary rent because of blood hypodermic. Can see the skin on complete skin so a silt is green. Right now outside ooze sends hypodermic blood to already belonged to an eyewinker, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Abound because of hypodermic nerve again. Ache soLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Sense is clear. After producing gore 24 hours, can heat up apply affected part with Wen Shui. Circulate in order to promote local blood, stimulative siltSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Blood is abreaction. Airframe of general and hypodermic gore can be absorbed slowly, after after time needs two weeks or so to also can use the egg flay that just thoroughlied cook about, lapping with gauze, scroll relapses in gore place.

The palm appears suddenly posse gore

The 8 big reasons of blueness of silt of the without reason on the body

1 certain health care article

A few health care are tasted may bring about blueness of unidentified reason silt, include wild Gan Ju, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, Ou Miga – 3 fatty acid (fish oil capsule) , curium palmy (use at improving hypertrophy of the prostate) with vitamin E.

No matter you take what health care to taste, want to consult a doctor first, the other remedy effect that they are taking with you, bring about silt blueness to appear often.

2 females

The female has silt blueness more easily than the male.

Male skin is thicker, contain more collagen protein, the blood-vessel that can make sure the skin is medium better is avoided sufferShanghai noble baby

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In addition, estrogen also is one of causes that cause silt blueness. Consider to make clear, estrogen is hemal and outspread agent not only, still can prevent hemal rehabilitate. If produce scar, the female can shed more blood before blood condenses.

The palm appears suddenly posse gore

3 ages growth

As the growth of the age, the person’s skin attenuates, blood-vessel becomes flimsy, make the person appears more easily the silt of unidentified reason is green.

4 anticoagulant content

If you are being taken,fight coagulate medicine (like Huafalin) will treat rhythm of the heart wrong or thrombus, bring about silt blueness possibly. Other remedy (the Luo Fen that be like cloth or aspirin) also can have this one effect.

5 plaque decrease

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